Five Wits is crafted by a team that knows hair.

Meticulously developed to do exactly what you expect it to do.

Our thoughtful ingredients come in sustainable 
packaging –both cap and bottle.

Five Wits Product Photo

Meet The Founder

Joey Silvestera

Joey Silvestra

I thought it would be really interesting to put together a group of real, actual influential people – and ask, what’s your favorite product?

Over decades, Joey Silvestera has cultivated a client roster of downtown New York’s most seismic arbiters of style with what Silvestera calls “street hair.” Inspirational in its wash-and-go ease, aspirational in its beauty, and directional in its attitude, Silvestera’s signature approach coaxes a person’s natural texture into an enhancing extension of their personal style, without the need of much, if any styling.


Ingredients, perfected

beautiful woman short hair styled with Five Wits products

Every ingredient adds up to just the right amount for you and your hair.

We’ve spent five years proving every formula at our flagship The Blackstones Collective location. Because if you want honest feedback, you ask a New Yorker.

The final ingredient list is all effectiveness, no filler.

Daring to do less

Our story

Young woman long hair and hair dresser

From the start, our philosophy has been startlingly simple.

Five Wits was created to give people an honest haircare experience. Founder Joey Silvestera distilled his creative talents into a curated line of products.

It’s the straightforward approach that people with hair have always deserved.