Hand Sanitizer Spray

Hand Sanitizer Spray

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An instant disinfectant and aromatherapy boost in one. Reduce germs and bacteria while freshening hands with Five Wits's very own blend (that is FDA approved and 80% alcohol). Leaves hands soft, never sticky.

Not tested on animals, and never wil be.
Paraben-free. Sulfate-free.

What hair/skin types does it work on?


How would I use this?

Spray enough product on hands to cover all surfaces.

How would you describe the sent?

Pepo + olive. It's the fantasy of walking through a green olive grove in full-bloom and tucking a blossom in your pocket. Floral with some musk, which is earthy.

Hand Sanitizer Spray works especially great with....

Paired Five Wits Product
Paired Five Wits Product

Toss into recycling bin, label, cap and all!

Sulfates. Coloring. Parabens.

Alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, purified water USP, fragrance (parfum)

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