Admin Guide



Image Sizes 
full width slide image - 2000 x 900
half width slide image - 1000 x 900


Homepage Slides are edited in theme settings under Homepage.
Slide 1 is always divided into two image panels.




All other slides can be displayed as full width image or
split panel ( with an image on the left and text on the right ).

Full width image slide ( below ) 




Split panel slide ( below ) 
If a paragraph break is required in the text, add 2 html <br/> tags (as shown below).







Image Sizes
product image - 500 x 667


All collections are displayed together on one page ( /collections/five-wits )
Collection titles and descriptions are automatically displayed.

A collection color can be used to highlight the collection name and important text within the description.

Collection colors are added in theme settings under Collection Colors
Add the collection handle and select the appropriate color ( see handle instructions below )
The details area displays the collection description ( see below ).



A collection's handle can be found at the bottom of the collection page after clicking the Edit Website SEO button.
The handle is the text after the last '/' under URL and handle
The handle is usually the page title, all lowercase, with dashes in place of spaces.

To get to this go to Products > Collection > The given collection




Within the Collection pages you will also be able to edit the description.
The description can be added within the content editor.
Begin by creating a bulleted list.




Add each line as its own list item.
Any bold text will automatically display in the collection color ( if one has been selected ).






Image Sizes
salon image - 1000 x 900
contributor images- 500 x 500


Salon images and details are edited in theme settings under Salon.




Contributors are each a blog post within the Contributors blog.

Online Store > Blog Posts

Under Blog Posts, you can add a post.
Add the contributor's name as the post title, a featured image, and any details to the content editor.

Be sure to select Contributors from the blog dropdown and set the post to visible. This is very important - if they are assigned to another blog, it can mess up formatting.
Posts can always be reordered by adjusting their published date which is found in the top right corner under "Visibility."






Image Sizes
large image - 1000 x 900


Any page can be displayed in the format below.
After creating a page, by going to Online Store > Pages, select page.large-image from the template dropdown.
Then, in theme settings under Page Images enter the page's handle ( see collection handle instructions above ) and upload an image.