Five Wits is a brand of quiet eco-luxury in an increasingly loud space. With a refined aesthetic, Five Wits formulas stand apart with a singular, gender-free fragrance that evokes green olive trees in bloom. The formulas have been tested and perfected over the last 5 years in the Blackstones flagship location in NYC. 

Five Wits embodies New York City's creative energy with high-performance, results driven formulas that satisfy the most discerning  clientele. And Five Wits formulas are always sulfate free.

Founder, Joey Silvestera
Since launching Blackstones in 2007, Joey Silvestera has quietly become a New York best-kept secret, building a clientele of editors, designers, musicians, and artists by word of mouth. A former taxidermist who honed his skills at Toni & Guy, Mudhoney, and Beauty Parlour, which he co-founded, Silvestera specializes in the narrative of a look, personalized for each client. Joey developed the Five Wits line in 2012.