• Bath & Body
  • Clean
  • Condition
  • Style
  • Body Lotion: Soothes and hydrates dry skin

    Body Wash: Cleanses skin, leaving it soft

    Soap: Cleanses and hydrates skin

  • Moisture: This sulfate-free formula helps repair damaged and and dry hair, making hair smooth and silky.

    Daily Shampoo: This sulfate-free formula gently cleanses hair, while strengthening, smoothing, and softening.

    Cream Wash: A no-later, non-stripping cleansing cream that removes impurities while leaving hair's natural oils. 

  • Hydrate: This conditioner leaves hair shiny and more manageable while helping to calm frizz.

    Daily Conditioner: This conditioner helps to detangle and soften hair without weighing it down. It also adds shine and protection from breakage.

  • Texture Spray: A refined texture spray that does it all- promotes separation, adds texture, and revives curls.

    Hair Cream: An all-in-one hair cream that calms frizz and adds definition.

    Hair Oil: A multitasking hair oil that weightlessly protects, hydrates and adds shine. 

Body Lotion 150mL


Body Wash 150 mL


Bar Soap


Body Lotion 40 mL


Body Wash 40 mL


Hand Sanitizer Spray


Daily Shampoo- Sulfate Free (formerly Rejuvenating Shampoo)


Moisture Shampoo- Sulfate Free


Cream Wash


Scalp Shampoo- Sulfate Free


Hydrate Conditioner


Daily Conditioner (formerly Balancing Conditioner)


Treatment Conditioner


Hair Cream


Texture Spray


Blow Dry Spray


Hair Oil


Curl Cream